Written by: Greigh Johanson.

After Janne Widmark (Drowning Ghost, Kung Fury) discovered that we had written an article about their short film "Björkpollen of the DEAD" a few years ago, he contacted us and asked if we were interested in watching the short film "Spikfödd", which has actually premiered today (27/05) on VAFF Film Festival in Umeå, Sweden.

19 years ago, Film in Västerbotten sent out a bunch of young filmmakers and actors in the Norrlandian wintercold forests where they recorded a fun splatter movie during three weekends. The film was never finished and nobody would ever mention it again ... in 19 years.

In a moving box labeled "Cutlery" they found the forgotten material. The film was compiled by a bunch of old filmmakers who had nothing better to do at the moment and the result became a dark-filled "wild western" with a gangster-robber and a crazy family.

After a failed robbery in the village's oldest store, the robber Jamil (John Soliman) leaves the store with a bag filled with lots of 50-cent coins. From there it will be a heavy and cold escape through Sweden's snowy forests. On the verge of hypothermia, Jamil is soon kidnapped by a religious and mentally unstable family with anti-semitic views and perverse settlements.

So, It was possible to save the material with help of a smart opposition of digital effects and modify it with a filter from an old-fashioned perspective. It should also be added that the mythical "Skinhead Sauron" has made the music which actually adds an extra strength of efficiency. Yes, it simply became a Swedish splatter silent film in no-color - Not as clever as I wished though. But what more could you expect from a budget of $2000, a car explosion that probably consisted a 90% of the budget and a 30-minute playtime with newbee teenagers?

Even if Jamil is reborn and finds gold, faith and a family by only using a nail, it takes even more to make a movie interesting today. But if you still like Alex Chandon's Drillbit and Bad Karma, or if you're a bigger fan of Jim Van Bebber's Deadbeat At Dawn, I definitely think that this one is working for you.

For the critical one I have to add this; some of the actors have had a huge journey through the years. Even though "Spikfödd" has never received any awards, actor Love Larson has at least worked with David Fincher, James Bond, and has two oscar nominations. And our hero John Soliman hasn't only been The Black Man in the western sci-fi shortie "No Law 4000", but he did also worked as a magician/illusionist in Britain for a decade.

But now the movie doesn't win any points due to future achievements. I had a bit hard to undergo the spectacle. It had definitely worked for 19 years ago, but today it feels too un-original and I understand why it has been in a box in all these years. But at the same time I understand the idea of restoring it; It has some fun practical effects and should definitely belong to a part of the small splatter movie's archive in Sweden along with Resurrection of Michael Myers 1-2, Evil ED and Sex, Lies & Videoviolence.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Directed by: Janne Widmark
Written by: Janne Widmark
Produced by: Janne Widmark
Cinematography by: ?
Editing by: Janne Widmark
Special Effects by: ?
Music bySkinhead Sauron
Cast: John Soliman, Rolf-Gunnar Widmark, Imri Sandström, Malin Mäki, Cecilia Bergfors, Sven Björklund, Tomas Eklund, Lisa Manfredsson, Love Larson, Per Häggström, Janne Widmark, Max Mörkberg, Olle Mörkberg, Helge von Bahr, Malin Holmlund, Stefan Wahllöf
Year: 1998 (Released in 2017)
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Color: Black/White
Runtime: 30min

Distributor: Janne Fantastic




Fuzzy Monkey Films combines professional wrestling and horror to create a gore soaked nightmare in their new film WRESTLEMASSACRE!  Their goal is to create an entertaining movie unlike anything you've seen before.

WRESTLEMASSACRE is Fuzzy Monkey Films' 7th feature. Some of their previous films include KILLER CAMPOUT, FIENDISH FABLES and MILFS VS ZOMBIES.

WRESTLEMASSACRE is a unique take on the slasher sub genre. It follows a down on this luck landscaper who dreams of one day becoming a professional wrestler. His overbearing mother, jerk boss and rude clients all treat him horribly and show him no respect. After a particularly rough day he snaps. Donned in wrestling gear, he sets out on a brutal killing spree to exact revenge on those who wronged him. With each kill he takes a piece of the victim as a souvenir and uses them to assemble a tile belt made of human remains. Two hard boiled detectives are hot on his trail, but can they stop him before it's too late?

The film is being directed by Brad Twigg (KILLER CAMPOUT) with a musical score by Toshiyuki Hiraoka (SAMURAI COP 2) and special makeup effects by Marcus Koch (WE ARE STILL HERE) and James Bell (FANGBONER).

The cast includes Richie Acevedo (OUTSIDERS), Rene Dupree (Former WWE Tag Team Champion), Nikolai Volkoff (WWE Hall of Fame Inductee), Rosanna Nelson (MILFS VS ZOMBIES), Rick Jermain (KILLER CAMPOUT), Cayt Feinics (CHAOS A.D.), Michael Merchant (NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE), Brittany Blanton (DON'T FUCK IN THE WOODS), Brandy Mason (RETURN TO RETURN OF NUKE 'EM HIGH), Eric Danger Dion (CANNIBAL CLAUS), Nadia White (TERRORTORY), Johnny Youngblood (THE LEGEND OF BLACK ANNIE), Kevin Tyler (WWE TOUGH ENOUGH), Krystal Pixie Adams (DEATH-SCORT SERVICE), and more.

Fuzzy Monkey Films have a portion of the budget but still need more funds to make the film. The budget listed on Indie Go-Go is the bare minimum needed to get the film off the ground. If we are lucky enough to raise more than the budget listed we will use the money to get more name pro wrestlers and more effects leading to a bigger and better movie. Every penny raised will be put on screen.

Make this project coming true by being a part of their fundraising:

or visit their facebook-page for more information:




Written by: Richard Taylor.

Italian visionary Domiziano Christopharo has delivered a number of prolific works but has still managed to fly under the radar .  Having produced the 4th entry in The American Guinea Pig series Sacrifice along with newcomer director Poison Rouge Christopharo's work for me has once again been brought into the light.  Having previously chatted with Christopharo before Sacrifice and watching some of the offerings he offered including the third in the series of Edgar Allen Poe anthologies titled P.O.E., Virus: Extreme Contamination, House Of Flesh Mannequins and now Krokodil the director's style can be considered visual and grotesque yet beautiful art.  

With Red Krokodil, Christopharo somehow finds it possible to make a hallucinating drug fiend look appealing, beautiful and intriguing at the same time.  The camera work in this is  spectacular, even the shambling apartment of the main subject played by Brock Madson has this eerie soft beauty to it despite its filthy and disgusting state of neglect and deterioration.  When the character looks outside his window we get a beautiful yet crumbling landscape which represents Cherepovets, Russia, a sense of abandonment and desolation floods the senses.

The films title Red Krokodil or Crocodile represents the name of the drug the main character in this is addicted to, a menacing drug which has ruined his life and destroyed his body in agonizing fashion.  With all drug abuse the saddest part is that everything is self inflicted, addiction has taken over and ruled the man's life and he is caught in this withering existence of confusion, paranoia, pain and delusions.  The drug Red Krokodil is explained at the opening of the movie, its a drug made in similar fashion and has the same effects as methamphetamine and has become a growing problem in western Europe. The drug is a mixture of codeine, benzine, paint thinner and hydrochloric acid and what makes it so dangerous is that the ingredients can be easily obtained. It starts with purchasing its only over the counter drugstore ingredient which is codeine.

Red Krokodil is not a fun watching experience, its a serious in depth art film with basically one character and most of the dialogue are the thoughts of the main addict going through his daily nightmarish routines and experiencing dreams, hallucinations, delusions and other mind altering experiences coinciding with his drug use.

Christopharo fills the movie with plenty of haunting scenes and the movie creeps at a slow pace unfolding with different suffering as the man tends to the different open sores and wounds he has acquired on his body from injection sites from administering the drug.  In one shocking scene he injects the drug into his genital region as he has ran out of places on the rest of his body.  He continues to look at himself in the mirror with delusions of grandeur as he sees what is not actually there, he looks at himself with a smile and in his mind he has a mouth full of nice teeth but in reality his front teeth have fallen out and his face is not as clean and crisp at he views it but sunken, drained and dried up.  There are also scenes of full frontal male nudity in this and one particular scene  has the character making love with a mirror image of himself while dreaming.  The material is deep and disturbing and could possibly fall somewhere into the category of the body horror genre.

Red Krokodil is a test of endurance and a long ride for those looking for more fast paced material.  It unfolds at a slow pace but I feel it will appeal to those looking for something more in their viewing experiences.  Its original and can sometimes float off with space-like ideas but at the same time it tackles very true material that is common in society, it has a bit of material from both worlds.

Christopharo is a visionary in the field of cinematography as Red Krokodil manages to captivate with its flawless camera work.  My only regression would be that in making things like  this look appealing you take the edge away from them, addicts and drug dealers are not beautiful things, they are grimy and their surroundings are infested with filth on most accounts.

I appreciate their struggle as with many other struggles the human race endures with various afflictions.  Red Krokodil is Christopharo's nightmarish vision of drug abuse brought to life, the slow rotting of a man who has abandoned life for this meager existence of uncontrollable addiction.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Directed by: Domiziano Christopharo
Written by: Francesco Scardone
Produced by: Domiziano Christopharo
Cinematography by: Domiziano Christopharo
Editing by: Alessandro Redaeli
Special Effects by: Roberto Vignati
Music by: Alexander Cimini
Cast: Brock Madson, Viktor Karam, Valerio Cassa
Year: 2012
Country: Italy/Russia
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 24m

Distributor: The Enchanted Architect


CROSSED VOL.1 - ISSUE #0 - #9 (2008 - 2010)

Written by: Richard Taylor.

What began as a 10 part original series eventually spawned into a multiple covered and numerous expanded arc story lines and books.  The Cross has turned into its own twisted and demented comic universe.  Garth Ennis had no intentions of writing any more story lines and wanted his original story line left alone.  He did however pass the torch for other Crossed series to be created and thus the carnage continued.  Hailed by many as the most violent, bloody and perverse comic ever made by many fans.  Crossed has gained infamy in comic circles and acquired fans of horror and gore from all around the world.  The question is, will they make a movie or a series and how crazy will they make it because the books are so over the top its unreal.  
Creators Ennis and Jacen Burrows figured out a formula to make this comic the epitome of all brutality and remorselessness and I think this is why it has become so popular.  By taking a worn out formula such as infected humans and the end of the world which follows in the well trodden excursions of every zombie virus movie/book/TV show production to date they have added a hardened only the strongest survive mentality unmatched by no other.  The Walking Dead is now famous and those books did extremely well by adding high dramatic elements and characters to its story lines along with graphic violence and the added suspense of main characters getting killed off.

Crossed has upped the ante by taking a story line similar to ones we've heard and seen before by following the end of the world, an unknown virus has taken a hold of people and transformed them into crazed killing maniacs. They have this insane look in their eyes and are adorned with this red branded cross on their faces. The crossed are unlike any zombie or infected killer because they are extremely chatty and spew forth vile sexually perverted slurs, they are still human because they still think and scheme and plot plus they have the ability to get organized and like human factions they have leaders.  Their mission is similar to the undead in that they relish in killing humans.  The difference is they don't only kill them, they sexually mutilate and torture them in extremely gruesome and over the top fashion.

In this 10 part original series we follow a group of survivors who wander aimlessly barely surviving as they are stalked by The Crossed at every turn.  The existence is mundane and pointless and most succumb but not before a bunch of harsh decisions are made which make the survivors just as much monsters as The Crossed themselves.  We get lots of information on different events all over the world such as the detonation of nukes, the downfall of the military and a mission to shut down the nuclear reactors before they fall into Crossed hands. Crossed is merciless and seems to pride itself in this by being shocking and absolutely  jaw dropping  in particular fashion where no children or families are spared, The Crossed commit acts of extreme sexual degradation and seem to pride themselves in it as they seemingly penetrate any hole in any species of living creature and what it makes it all the more disturbing is that they relish it to the fullest.  What made zombies ineffective was their lifelessness and casual hunger but The Crossed are highly aware and get off on pain and they vocalize how much they love it, this is what makes this series so disturbing I believe.

This series is definitely ground breaking in the comic world and leaves a lot of other so called extreme horror books in the dust.  Garth Ennis writes the savagery and  Jacen Burrows makes it come to life on the pages with a vivid, sick and graphic detail.  This original story line is by far the best in the series but the ones to follow don't disappoint either as they dive into even more gore and sex filled taboos.  I thought I had seen violence in my early comic collecting days with Lobo, Preacher, The Walking Dead and so on but Crossed is here and is mind fucking a new generation without mercy.  Like it says "There is no help.  There is no hope. There is no escape. There is only The Crossed." and this phrase sums up exactly what goes on in the comics to a fucking tee.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Crossed Vol.1
Issue #0 - #9

Released by: Avatar Press
Published in: September 2008 - March 2010
Created by: Garth Ennis, Jacen Burrows
Written by: Garth Ennis
Drawn by: Jacen Burrows
Editor in chief/publisher - William Christensen

Homepage: http://www.crossedcomic.com/




Written by: Richard Taylor.

Coming hot off the heels of Brazilian madman Gurcius Gewdners short Good Morning Carlos we are graced with this continuation of the colorful feces and vomit ridden extravaganza.  Pazucus (Lígia Marina) made an appearance at the conclusion of Good Morning Carlos, she seems to be this amazonian goddess of sorts who  may have the power to rid our main character Carlos (Marcel Mars) of the dreaded curse of the internal demons infesting his shit.  

I really enjoyed Good Morning Carlos because it was humorous, the camera work was beautiful and it was just a crazy film of a guy running around screaming and puking every color of vomit you can think of while licking these disgusting looking pieces of human shit on these rocks in a river. Pazucus is equally as impressive but I feel it definitely could have been shorter because although there is never such a thing as too much insanity I found some particular scenes and ideas ran on for much longer than needed.

Pazucus is not for those unfamiliar with this form of bonkers artistic cinema.  I would recommend checking out some of Petter Baistorf's work first or even Good Morning Carlos before you get into this one just so your versed on what type of insanity there is in store.  Pazucus explodes with originality no doubt and saying that a story like this has been told before is definitely not true because the sheer visual style, dialogue and innovative performances contained in this are something you will not see in any other movie.  Pazucus has a style and substance like no other, take Roger Corman, Ed Wood, Jodorowsky and stuff like The Sweet Movie and put it all in a blender and then maybe, just maybe I might be able to begin to explain this.

We get our main character Carlos still wandering around in a vomit sloshing stupor as his doctor is still giving chase trying to kill him.  Actor Marcel Mars reprises playing both roles again of Carlos and the doctor like he did in the original.  The doctors expressions are hilarious and his delusions that every person is Carlos and must die is outrageous and some eccentric and funny shit.  The doc wields this funny looking axe obviously made out of tinfoil plus a butcher knife also made out of tinfoil.  I think my favorite scene with the doc has him pushing around a shopping cart at a market and going on with this insane rambling about buying fruit, fiber and things for a good breakfast to aid in the duty of a bowel movement.

In Pazucus we also get a look into the insides of Carlos as we meet with the turds who are played by people in these funny looking paper mache style costumes.  These turds talk and philosophize with one another before they make their journey through the hole as they call it to cross over to the other world.  We also get a bunch of other people who are partying on the island where everything will go down including Omar (director Gewdner) and his girlfriend Oréstia (Priscilla Menezes).  A couple who are on this insane fueled trip of self discovery and fulfillment with nature until it seems nature turns on them and they vow revenge.  The scenes with these two screaming is absolutely relentless and sometimes ludicrous, they definitely could have been shortened.  I did however enjoy when the couple vow revenge on nature and use more tinfoil weapons with fun sparklers on the ends to dish out their vengeance.

Carlos does eventually meet up with Pazucus in some rather revealing scenes where we see some graphic close ups of Pazucus female genitalia adorned by a runway of thick blonde pubes.  Carlos then goes through the motions as the shit demons are expelled out his asshole in a flood of color and chaos.  The climax of the film has a good washing of regurgitation  and disgusting bodily fluids.  The Island Of Vomit And Despair is just that but if you dig original, unique and utterly insatiable indie film making with a flair for the bizarre then this one has your name written all over it.  The filming style I really enjoyed with all the different color frames, the 80's music is a huge departure from some of the usual metal stylings I've heard in Gewdner's association with Petter Baistorf's collaborations in the past but it works, its just strange listening to a Fleetwood Mac song on here.

This one would be great to see with an audience in a theater to get all the different reactions. Gewdner definitely has his own unique vision and will stop at nothing to achieve it.  I believe with Pazucus he has done this and I admire what he has brought here without compromise.  I hope he keeps his fresh and fucked up visions alive and look forward to checking out what further celluloid insanity he concocts in the future.  For now bask in the over the top revelry that is Pazucus: The Island Of Vomit And Despair.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Directed by: Gurcius Gewdner
Written by: Gurcius Gewdner
Produced by: Cavi Borges, Gurcius Gewdner
Cinematography by: Gurcius Gewdner, Marcel Mars, Pablo Pablo, Flávio C. Von Sperling
Editing by: Gurcius Gewdner
Special Effects byGurcius Gewdner
Music byPetter Gossweiller, Excria Reverbera, Lucas Rossetti, Anna White 
Cast: Marcel Mars, Gurcius Gewdner, Lígia Marina, Priscilla Menezes
Year: 2017
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Color: Color
Runtime: 2h

Distributor: Bulhorgia Productions