Directed by: Jessica Cameron
Written by: Jessica Cameron, Jonathan Scott Higgins
Stars: Jessica Cameron, Ryan Kiser, Heather Dorff... read more

Year: 2013
Genrer: Horror
Run time: 1h 24min
My rating: 4 out of 5

Jessica Cameron is the star of American Guinea Pig: Song Of Solomon and no doubt she will be known for her role in it but she also directed this mean spirited and vicious little indie film attack. Truth Or Dare is an entertaining and jaw dropping violent thriller with a mildly campy sensibility which is immediately pushed aside once the grim and twisted game of painful truth and gruesome dares begin.

We get a group of young people calling themselves The Truth Or Daredevils. This group are known for their controversial online viral videos. During the intro of the movie we see one of their stunts and unbeknownst to the viewer at this point early in the film we are not aware that the videos are staged. During an interview The Truth Or Daredevils are confronted by a crazed fan who they immediately brush off.

The group meet and celebrate the success of their latest video at one of their houses which happens to be in a secluded location. Once there a new filming location is unveiled for their next video, shooting begins immediately but things take a horrifying turn as the fan who they shunned earlier appears and he has some sick and twisted shit in store for The Truth Or Daredevils. The crazed fan played by Ryan Kiser feels that The Truth Or Daredevils videos have become stagnate and he wants to bring new life to the group's endeavors.

Kiser plays a good bad guy, he is the quintessential obsessed modern day madman whose pleasure is derived from how many hits and likes he gets on his new grotesque videos he films with The Truth Or Daredevils, he even believes he is now one of them. The rest of the cast's acting ranges from decent to over the top but I think in general the performances were competent especially when the group are going through with their dares and the amount of stress and extreme circumstance comes through effectively. In some instances the extreme dares are handled a little too nonchalantly especially in a particular scene where Jessica Cameron's character has to take out actress Heather Dorff's eye with a corkscrew and after this it gets even worse, this is questionable, I would have almost taken a bullet instead but thus is the will to live!

The movie impressed me, it went from college kid viral video bullshit extravaganza to serious no fuck around graphic torture, gore and violence at a quick rate. Also, the truth segments are as equally emotionally painful, some rather disturbing shit you can hardly fathom is revealed about the characters. The gore is on point in this and some segments are nasty such as a forced wine bottle masturbation scene gone wrong, a guy is forced to cut off his own nipples and another guy is forced to eat broken glass which is absolutely brutal plus much more.

Jessica Cameron has done a good job with this film, its quite the kick in the nuts and caught me off guard because I really wasn't expecting such violent and dark material. She is definitely the girl next door to be very scared of, don't turn your back on her! If you've been wondering about this one, maybe even over looking it, its the real deal.


Produced by: Jessica Cameron, Mem Ferda, Jonathan Scott Higgins, Buz Wallick
Cinematography by: Chase Jonathan Azimi
Editing by: James Bell
Special Effects by: Carrie Mercado
Music by: Dustin Richardson
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Small Town Girl Productions