Directed by: Sean Blevins, John William Holt... read more
Written by: Sean Blevins, John William Holt... read more
Stars: Barbie Clark, Thomas Dunbar, Aric Stanish... read more

Year: 2016
Genrer: Anthology, Horror
Run time: 1h 58min
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Second installment in the Volumes Of Blood anthology series and Horror Stories fairs much better than its predecessor with better stories, pacing and most importantly an ample amount of well done practical gore effects. Breathing lots of life into this series i can honestly say I would be psyched to see a third installment because this sophomore effort is worth any horror anthology fans time. Its safe to say this one could be the modern day indie films answer to Creepshow.

Horror stories biggest fault for me is that it jumps all over place and sometimes too much using wrap around stories upon wrap around stories sometimes becoming muddled in its delivery. It tries almost too hard to be clever and attempts to jam pack every little thing the film makers wanted into one project, sometimes restraint and simplicity is best exercised in this case.

Director Nathan Thomas Milliner has two shorts on here, the first being Murder Death Killer which plays out as a typical haunted house (in this case a warehouse) slasher film. We get undead killer Atticus Crow, a former deceased worker in a warehouse who now haunts and kills anyone who steps foot there. Some good and quirky performances and the gore is on point much as with most of the film I'm happy to say, this time they do deliver the blood. Milliner's second short is my favorite on here which is titled Fear,For Sinners Here. It uses some great performances and nice twists to deliver a satisfying holiday horror tale.

Horror Stories also doesn't focus on one particular season such as Halloween although the segment Trick Or Treat plays as a follow up to the events which occurred in the original but it also ties in with another wrap around story, confused yet? The movie then focuses on a couple purchasing a home with each story focusing on horrific events that occurred in that house.

In another wrap around segment titled Haters we get a look at a couple of douche bags who actually shun the movie Murder Death Killer and are thrown out of the theater only to meet their demise by an unlikely adversary who is also involved with other segments in the movie. A Killer House focuses on a couple purchasing the house and serves as another wrap around segment at the end of the anthology which turns into its own short. Feeding Time features a salesman who is lured into a house by a young girl claiming there is a monster under her bed which turns out to be true but not exactly the same way the girl describes it. The Deathday Party is a quirky and sinister tale of a retired couple whose passions include abducting young girls and killing/torturing them in the basement. Bloodbath is literally the tale of a possessed bathtub which brutally kills people.

Horror Stories is a great time for those looking for something new and fresh but also holding onto some old school horror sensibilities. The gore is absolutely amazing and plentiful from lawnmower body mulching to coffee table curb stomping to knives up the anus, its plentiful and gory in a cool and energetic fashion. If you dig anthologies, Volumes Of Blood: Horror Stories has the chops to satisfy your craving for fun, terrifying and well put together tales of terror and gore.


Produced by: Eric Huskisson, David Justice, P.J. Starks, Devin Taylor,
Cinematography by: Alexander Clark, John William Holt, Austin Madding
Editing by: Sean Blevins, John William Holt, Jon Maynard, Nathan Thomas Milliner, James Treakle
Special Effects by: Cassandra Baker, Alexis Dahl, Lisa Duvall, Justin Mabry, Josh Morris
Music by: Josh Coffey, Rocky Gray, Mikel Shane Prather
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: Blood Moon Pictures