Goregasmic Cinema is a brand new international independent film and music fanzine from Sweden. We brings you reviews, interviews and news about music and horror related films; the bizarre, obscure and odd world of cinema. We have been fan of horror movies for a long time by now. It already started back in the eighties with directors like Lucio Fulci, Bruno Mattei and Ruggero Deodato. Yes, it was the Italian masters who opened our interests for the horror genre and characterized our future. Today we're interested in all kind of weirdness on screen. It's a wonderful world to explore and recently we discovered facebook and the potential to meet friends of the same interests, so why not make a fanzine about it?

Goregasmic Cinema started as Horrophobic Fanzine by Tomas Larsson back in 2012 and has slowly but surely organized itselves nationally and internationally. The horror market in Sweden isn't genuine at all, therefor we has chosen to align ourselves internationally to a wider audience who might be interested in reading about unknown horror films, read interviews with writers, directors, actors, make-up artists and composers, and get a closer insight into horror films from all continents world wide.

We are Goregasmic Cinema:
Greigh Johanson     Tim Nordstedt      Thomas Nyholm      Fredds Mordvm

Magnus Blomdahl     Richard Taylor       Harry Collins       David Chopping

   Chang Wong